Simplify the Passage: Summarize each paragraph in the passage to deconstruct complex content and relate it to the overall theme of the passage.

Understand Scope of the Passage: Stick to the information provided within the passage and avoid generalizing or introducing external knowledge.

Be an Active Reader: Question why and how the author has written the passage. Focus on understanding the author’s main idea and context.

Identify Author’s Opinion: Differentiate between the author’s opinions, facts, and other points of view. Recognize the tone and purpose of the author’s arguments and statements.

Elimination of Options: Carefully consider the answer choices and eliminate options that are irrelevant, out of scope, factually wrong, vague, misleading, or contrary to the passage.

Enhancing Reading Speed: Balance reading speed with comprehension quality. Pay special attention to the beginning and ending of the passage for background and conclusion information.

Read Regularly: Make reading a habit to enhance your reading skills and overall knowledge. Regularly reading newspapers can be beneficial. Increase Vocabulary: Learn the meanings of new terms encountered while reading, which will improve your vocabulary.

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